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I was recently interviewed by Hadassah of children fashion blog: My dress-up diaries.

If you are interested in knowing more about myself as a designer and a WFHM then head over to: to read the full interview!

Here are a few snaps of the fashion bloggers son Noah wearing his Skittle and Mouse Crawlpants: 



A few exerts. My highlights from the interview: 

        I want all my pieces to be able to work into your existing wardrobe,” says Kat. From a neutral colour palette of pink, grey, black and white to design features intended to grow with your child, you can see the thought, attention and care that has gone into every single piece bearing the Skittle and Mouse insignia. “This is why my leggings come with a long (or double) cuff. It is designed to be worn folded then unfolded when your baby has a growth spurt,” she says. Keeping her designs in line with the mantra she swears by when shopping for her own children ‘Buy Less, Buy Well’, Kat is an advocate of quality over quantity “instead of filling up your child’s wardrobe with junk that falls apart after a few washes, buy items that you love, that they will wear all the time,” says the designer.

2016 is set to see Skittle and Mouse usher in a new era with a fabulous new range, which launched this month, and a manufacturer coming on board to take some of the pressure off. “This will free me up to pack orders, respond to your e-mails on time, and finally do some bookkeeping. It also means I am finally able to wholesale my range, something I have been looking forward too from the outset,” says Kat.

 “These are the clothes that I want to dress my kids in. Easy-wear clothing that lasts and can be styled in so many different ways,” she says. “With the addition of knee-pads to all the pants and grow-suits I have less skinned knees, tears, tares and ripped clothing!” On that note, Kat asserts that the inclusion of knee-pads are not for show, “they have a layer of padding and non-slip grips so they protect your little one from some of life’s rough and tumbles, because we can’t be there to watch them all the time,” she says. “They are also long-wearing and durable; they won’t stain or wear-out over the knees.”

Thank you so much for the feature @mydressupdiaries hunt them down on Instagram and find them on-line for other fascinating interviews with your fav Aussie kids fashion labels.