Recently a picture popped up on my Facebook feed of a toddler with two badly skinned knees (think blood dripping to the floor) It had the caption :

"Skinned knees are as much a part of childhood as hot chips and long summer days"

I have been following this page for quite a while. It shares lovely images of children at play, but this post I thought - 'really?'

I understand the very real concern that modern children are being mollycoddled, not given the freedom to play and explore. As a parent it is your natural instinct to protect your child from harm. If you saw your child was about to trip and fall wouldn't you stop them? That doesn't mean you won't let them out to play again. You stop them from falling and hurting themselves so they can continue to play and explore!

Kneepads are just an extension of this idea. Crawl pants won't stop your child from falling over (or learning their boundaries) however they might just save their little knees, and your afternoon!